James Taylor / Simon & Garfunkel Return (Encore Performance)

Facebook-Acoustics.jpgMike Smith, Dave Fazio, and Bill Desanty, have been performing professionally in numerous bands all over the east coast for over three decades. This acoustic-rock trio is well known in the Western Massachusetts area for their emphasis on strong vocals, with all three members contributing as lead singers and each contributing to the three-part harmonies found in most songs they perform.

An acoustic throwback to the folk rock songs of James Taylor and Simon & Garfunkel, audiences of all ages will enjoy these classic songs we all know and love. Coming back to Nelson Hall Theater on August 4th.  Get tickets.

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7 Bridges Road – Acoustic Eagles Tribute (2 Performance)

7 Bridges Road presents an all-acoustic show, utilizing acoustic guitars, piano, and a mix of hand drums and percussion. The soft atmosphere of acoustic music allows the band to perform a less formal, more intimate show. We’ve added a performance on Sunday, August 27, 2017 — so please don’t miss the opportunity to rock it out with this band! 7 Bridges Road at Nelson Hall Theater!

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