Local Focus: Forecast proves right!

While the past two weeks may have been summer’s typical hazy, hot and humid;  the stage at Nelson Hall Theater proved to be quite the opposite. Every day consisted of rain-drop sprinkled rehearsals, with occasional downpours of singing and dancing. For the second year in a row, NHT hosted Cheshire Youth Theater, which helps participating students to develop as a well-rounded performer. Cheshire Youth Theater 2019 featured a performance of Singin’ in the Rain JR.

Beginning with the basics of script reading, to fun, choreographed dances; elementary and middle-school aged actors are given the tools to successfully bring a production to life. CYT and Nelson Hall Theater partner with Cheshire’s Artsplace artistic director to help involve students heavily in the behind-the-scenes creative process, allowing students the opportunity to create props, backdrops and other artwork themselves.

For those who saw the weekend performances, you’ll know that some incredible work was accomplished as various organizations around town joined together to help each student grow and advance their theater skills.

For more information on future camp participation in addition to partnership opportunities, please contact Nelson Hall Theater at nelsonhall@elimpark.org.