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Connecticut College Playwright Showcase

Enjoy an evening at the theatre and four short plays, as we debut original, self-produced works by emerging playwrights!

“The Harsh Reality of Dating a Poet” by Timothy Gadomski
A one-act musical depicting what lovers of artists know all too well: being someone’s muse can be heartwarming, but the meanings become twisted when it’s your life that’s being portrayed on stage.

“Acid Scum” by Zach Fontanez
Set in a humble Irish Pub in a sleepy Connecticut town, punk rock duo ‘Acid Scum’ takes center stage in this tale of isolation, wasted potential, and what it truly means to be in a local band.

“Social Anxiety” by Colin Palma
That overwhelming feeling you get during social interaction…watch as Blaise tries to navigate a simple day and overcome his social anxiety.

“Free Will” by Timothy Gadomski
Laugh along with this lighthearted, clever play as God and Death argue over the concept of free will, all while our friend Will is stuck in limbo at the pearly gates.

General admission seating. Please contact the box office if you require special seating, 203-699-5495.