Laudate Homeschool Orchestra

Laudate Homeschool Orchestra looks forward to leading you on an exciting musical adventure as they present our 2018 Spring Semester Repertoire.

Two pieces by Austrian Anton Bruckner: March in D Minor is an experiment in tension–teasing the listener with resolve that plunges back into uncertainty, pausing mid-point for a serene trio. Overture in G Minor An exciting discovery of the unexpected, leading the orchestra through peaceful meadows then down rocky cliffs with suspense, pathos, wild winds and sudden calm.

Through Italian composer Giovanni Gabrieli (1555-1612) we discover the unique “Venetian style” — compositions for multiple choirs to perform in tandem from varying balconies throughout a cathedral. =LHO will replicate this style by dividing into three instrumental choirs and positioning throughout the performance hall for Gabrieli’s Latin anthems of praise.