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A new season is in the air, and we invite you to be a special part of supporting Nelson Hall Theater! Since it’s inception a little over ten years ago, Nelson Hall Theater has been bringing generations of music lovers together through our unique venue and our diverse programming. Your support as a friend of Nelson Hall Theater will help bring smiles to more people and ensure that we will be able to grow through the ¬†expansion of quality programming and upgrades to our venue. If the local performing arts are important to you, then consider a generous gift to Nelson Hall Theater and become our friend!

Located on the south end of Cheshire (CT), Nelson Hall Theater is a performing arts center that is located within the retirement community of Elim Park. One the questions that we hear repeatedly, is, “are you open to the public?” Our answer: “of course!!” Believe it or not, our theater was founded to provide top quality musical and theatrical entertainment for the entire community to enjoy. We draw patrons from around the state and even the occasional tour group from neighboring states. If you’re ready for a fun and memorable experience, come check out Nelson Hall Theater. See you at the next show!

For details on the benefits of joining as a friend of Nelson Hall, please email [email protected] or call 203.699.5495. We’d love to chat with you about the possibility.

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Have a Small Business? Here’s TWO REASONS that you should advertise in Nelson Hall Theater playbills:

They do read them!

Our patrons arrive early, grab snacks and coffee, and sit in our comfy theater reading their playbills before the show. They share them, save them, and reread them. We know this because a good portion of our ticket sales come from our own playbill ads!

Increase Your Reach!

Our varied programming is consistently drawing in new patrons from all over Connecticut. Expand and increase your reach with ads in our attractive, full color playbills. Over the course of our season, there is the potential for more than 13,000 people to view and share your ad.