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WildFire Short Plays (Online, Free)

The “Wild Fire Short Plays” brought to you by Nelson Hall, is a collection of 10-15 minute shows meant to bring you back in to the theatre virtually. Our title show, “Wildfires” focuses on the bond of two brothers in the middle of a tough conversation while at a simple campfire. “The Harsh Reality of Dating a Poet,” a returning show at our theatre, follows the relationship of a couple as things begin to crumble because Freddie has been using their private emotions and moments as inspiration for his art. This play is a short musical featuring three songs that will surely stick with you. The final show of the evening is, “A Sleep and a Forgetting.” The title is taken from a poem by William Wordsworth that says life is but sleep and forgetting. A somber idea, certainly, but, this play is a goofy take on the phrase with two people waking up on a boat with no memory of how they got there. The sleep play, as we call it, will certainly make you laugh.

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